mobile fun for everyone

Brand Statement

gloops seeks new possibilities in mobile entertainment.
By creating content that is both enjoyable and surprising, we provide entertainment that brings people together.
We are the social entertainment provider that continues to innovate "Fun"!

What will people's idea of playing be in the near future?

Throw, hit, spin, grip, brush.
The way people play has been shaped with our own hands up until now.
However, with the introduction of the mobile smart device, playing now has infinite possibilities right in the palm of our hands.
We at gloops keep thinking about how we can keep creating happiness, enthusiasm and excitement in the future.
With this in mind, we have created a video showing that we want to stay one step ahead of the current trends to bring new entertainment.
Please watch and keep on supporting gloops in its new endeavors.

Corporate Movie

Mobile Fun for Everybody

The time-lapse video above is a visual expression of gloops’ motto “mobile fun for everybody”, depicting a wide variety of fun mobile activities all the way from the Jomon Era of Ancient Japan to our information-driven modern society, and onwards to the future.
For the day of the shoot, we performed in turn with over a hundred items representing mobile fun. Shooting lasted quite a while with the last cut ending on 6 AM of the next morning.
Please be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes look to the right exploring all the various forms of mobile entertainment!

Making of Movie