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Collect cards scattered about the world and fuse them together to create stronger cards or new evolutions. Defeat your rivals and claim the ultimate "Legendary Cards" as proof of your dominance. Collect as many as you can to have the strongest cards and be the best in the land!
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Quest for more cards.
Quest areas have many different cards to discover.
Each zone has strong bosses waiting to fight you.
Beating them gives you access to the next zone where
more and more cards can be discovered.
Aim for a higher rank in the Arena
Bonus rare cards are rewarded for going up in ranks in the Arena.
The Arena is the only place to get these cards.
These rare cards can help close the gap between you and your rivals.
How to evolve cards
Special combinations of Base and Reagent cards will trigger a card evolution when they are fused together. The Fusion screen will guide you to which cards trigger evolutions. There are some cards that can only be obtained through evolution.

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