Message - みんなの手に、新しい遊びを。

Mobile games can fill everyday gaps with smiles.

The devices held in the palms of our hands have changed from feature phone to smart phones, making mobile games even more accessible than before.
We are in an era where almost anyone can make software, applications and even simple games.
In this paradigm shift, it feels like creators like us are expected to create stimulating, innovative games that are essentially fun.
What does gloops aim to create?
We want to create contents that are an integral part of people's everyday life, for example when commuting or waiting for your food at a restaurant.
Games so much fun that people find themselves playing them in the free time in their daily lives.
Also, entertainment focused on communication.
We believe that that is the true merit of mobile entertainment--connecting not one, but two or even large groups of people together regardless of distance and time.
Our mission is to keep on creating "mobile for for everyone" through these connections.
In the near future, communication through mobile games will become more casual and a part of everyday life for many generations.
We want to fill the gaps in people's lives all around the world.
This is why we keep on creating.

CEO Hideyuki Ikeda